The Great Geo-Cache Challenge

The great Geo-Cache challenge is a combination Geo-Cache and Navigation exercise.  Teams of 3 or 4 must successfully navigate from 1 geo-cache to another, using only bearings.  The distance between Geo-Caches is not specified and must be determined by the teams, along with the UTM.  Teams must complete this with only a map, a compass and a grid reader.   GPS devices are not allowed during this event.  All team members must wear their search packs for the event.  All teams will be tracked in real time from the Start/End point, and Amateur Radio operators will also be at the Start/End for emergency communications purposes.

Scoring is done based on speed and accuracy of the measured distance and the UTM of each Geo-Cache.  Each Geo-Cache contains the bearing to the next Geo-Cache and finally the bearing back to the starting point.

Everyone is encouraged to work with members from other teams to meet, learn, and work with members of other teams.


  • Date/Time: TBD
  • Location: TBD
  • End of Registration: TBD
  • Fee: None
  • Length: 5-7hrs
  • Equipment: 1:24000 grid reader, Compass, Search Pack (food, water, trail snacks), appropriate clothing, Radios

To register for this event or for more information please email