Is the Indiana Search and Rescue Association (INSARA) a search and rescue team?

No. The Indiana Search and Rescue Association is a professional and educational association and therefore does not conduct search and rescue operations. The organization is composed of affiliate organizations (search and rescue teams) around the state that provide varying type of search and rescue (SAR) services.

INSARA has a radio frequency assignment from the FCC. How can my team use this resource?

INSARA has established 155.280 MHz (call sign WPKY449) as a statewide SAR coordination frequency for its affiliate organizations. Use of the frequency is limited to member organizations or agencies, but can be extended to other organizations or agencies on a temporary basis.

I have a missing family member. Can INSARA help?

Not directly, but we can be a resource to direct public safety agencies in charge of a missing person case to appropriate resources. Affiliated organizations and their contact information can be found on the Members page of our website. These organizations can be contacted directly by the public safety agency in charge of the missing persons case.

Can my local CERT team become an INSARA affiliate?

Certainly. INSARA supports the federal Citizens Corps initiative and its Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT). INSARA can offer Indiana CERT teams the opportunity to network with other CERT teams around the state and obtain training skills to act as auxiliary support to local SAR teams.

Can I donate a dog to INSARA?

We are unable to accept donations of potential search dogs. If you send us information about the dog either by e-mail, we will pass the information along to our affiliate organizations that use search dogs. If they are interested in the dog you want to donate, they will contact you. Dogs must be donated; INSARA and its affiliate organizations do not purchase dogs and INSARA does not act as a middleman to sell a dog.

Can I donate equipment to INSARA?

We are unable to accept donations of equipment. If you have equipment items that a SAR team might be able to use, we highly recommend you contact one of our affiliate organizations near you to offer your donation. Contact information for our affiliate organizations can be found on the Members page of our website.

Can I make a financial donation to INSARA?

Yes. INSARA is a non-profit organization exempt from federal and state taxes. Most charitable financial donations made to INSARA are usually deductible on your federal tax return. Donations can be to our general fund or directed to a specific use (see the Donations page on our website).

I would like to start a SAR team in my local area. How do I get started?

The formation of a SAR team is a major responsibility and a lot of work. There are many considerations to be made when developing a SAR team. INSARA will work with interested parties in an advisory capacity to assist with establishing a SAR team by providing information and recommendations. We are also available to make presentations to groups or governmental agencies interested in starting a SAR team in their local area.

What are the state requirements to become a SAR team or SAR responder?

At present, there are no state requirements or standards for SAR teams or SAR responders. INSARA is working with appropriate state agencies to develop certification standards for SAR responders and regulate SAR teams within the state. This process will take some time and work, but it will become a reality. In the meantime, SAR responders and SAR teams are highly encouraged to obtain legitimate, recognized training through such sources as the Indiana Public Safety Training Institute (PSTI) or training/certification from the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR) available through INSARA.

What is the INSARA Academy?

The INSARA Academy was developed in 2003 by INSARA to act as the coordinating body for a NASAR educational services license, provide low cost SAR training, and act as a statewide quality control body for NASAR educational services. The INSARA Academy is the focal point for all INSARA educational and training activities and is the direct representative agent for NASAR educational services in Indiana.

Is the INSARA Academy in competition with the state SAR Academy?

No. In fact, one of the objectives of the INSARA Academy is to support and complement the Mari Hulman George SAR Academy operated by PSTI at Camp Atterbury, IN. The goals of the INSARA Academy and the state SAR academy are the same.

My dog is pretty smart and I think it would make a good search dog. How do I get started?

Dogs used in search and rescue are exceptional animals, and intelligence is only one factor in identifying a good search dog. The first step would be to contact a local canine SAR team and see if they have an experienced canine handler/trainer that can evaluate your dog as a potential search canine. If your dog has better than average potential, your local canine SAR team can direct you to proper training resources. They may even offer you membership on their team if they have an open position. There are a wide variety of training resources available, some good and some bad. An experienced canine handler can direct you to legitimate sources of training.

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